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Congratulations President Obama!

Congratulations President Obama!

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Later today, Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. As a Singaporean, all I can say is congratulations on this amazing journey. There are lots of hopes pinned on your shoulder, President Obama, but let that not hold you down in doing the Right Thing.

I am watching avvaz.org's coverage of the inauguration and I am hoping that the global swell of goodwill and positive vibes will help drive the world out of the mess we are in now. Everything this year is really in unknown, unchartered territory, but given the willingness and courage of all peoples on this planet, we can collectively fix the issues.

I am hopeful that you will reach out to the whole world to help solve the problems at hand and see that the goodness that there is in humanity.

I am also hopeful that my own country, Singapore, will see that there is goodness in everyone and that there should be equal opportunity to all to succeed - not just a select few.

In any case, today is the day for the USA to hold it's head up high and proud. I watch in awe!
  • Inaguration

    What an event to be a part of, whether you are at home recording the ceremony, or there taking pictures (http://www.ceiva.com/?utm_source=bc). No matter how you voted, its a day to remember.
  • This year elections have already become history. That is indeed a turning point in US history. For better, hopefully. But President Obama togegher with this chief magistracy he took over, took up a heavy burden. The USA (and pretty much the rest of the world) is going through tough times. And it will be really hard for Mr. Obama to meet expectations of Americans and of other countries. He has so much to change for the better - healthcare system, taxation, financial system, the situation on the real estate market(business mortgage loans, home loans, etc.) The next 4 years will be a pretty rough time for the President.
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